Health/ Life Insurance

The difficulties of life are intended to make us better, not bitter. -author unknown

Individual Benefits

Employers are adopting approaches to help individual employees find more personalized benefit solutions. The one-size-fits-all, traditional approach does not meet the needs of a highly mobile younger generation. Supplemental, voluntary programs and direct-to-consumer programs are gaining in popularity as a means to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse workforce.

DSC’s voluntary benefits concept offers employers the unique opportunity to purchase an expanded set of benefits that can meet the diverse needs of today’s workforce. These voluntary programs can be offered either on a stand-alone basis or as a companion to core benefits. Employers gain positive recognition for offering highly valued programs. DSC designs and arranges the provision of these programs with major insurers and other third parties. Our services include on-site group enrollments and personalized benefit statements.

Other Solutions

If you are self-employed or if your company doesn’t offer group policies, you can gain access to similar employer sponsored programs through DSC’s customized benefit packaging program. In addition to these individual benefit offerings we also offer the following lines of coverage to protect your health and finances:
Life Insurance
Long-Term Care

Medicare Plans

DSC’s Senior Solutions program offers Medicare eligible a targeted approach to evaluating the bewildering array of health plan choices. Critical questions include:

Should you stick with Original Medicare, which provides only hospital and medical coverage?
Original Medicare, plus a Medicare Supplement from a private insurer?
Or should you opt to buy a Medicare Advantage plan through a private insurer to take care of all your health insurance needs?